Lawmakers start question-and-answer activity
The 15th National Assembly (NA) commenced the question-and-answer activity in Hanoi on June 4, following the agenda of its ongoing 7th session.
Lawmakers start question-and-answer activity

NA Chairman Tran Thanh Man delivers his opening remarks. (Photo: VNA)

In his opening remarks, NA Chairman Tran Thanh Man made clear that the four issue groups for questioning and answering fall under the responsibility of the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, the Minister of Industry and Trade, the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, and the Auditor General of the State Audit Office of Vietnam.

The leader said Deputy Prime Minister Tran Hong Ha has been assigned to represent the Government, clarify issues related to the body's management work, and directly answer the questions of NA deputies at the end of the question-and-answer session.

The parliament will vote on a resolution on the activity when it concludes, he noted.

During the 7th session's socio-economic discussion on May 29, deputies raised seven issues related to the field of natural resources and environment, four in industry and trade, and two concerning culture, sports, and tourism, with Deputy PMs and ministers addressing some of these concerns. To avoid duplication of questioning content, deputies should only engage in exchanges of these matters if they deem it necessary, recommended the top legislator.

He went on expressing the belief that ministers and heads of sectors, through the questioning of the NA, will have additional information to improve their leadership and management, creating real changes in related sectors.
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