Ninh Binh steps up application of scientific-technological advances in economic development
Over the past years, the northern province of Ninh Binh has paid due attention to spurring scientific and technological research and application into production and daily life, thus helping to increase productivity and effectiveness of production and business for local firms and farmers and improve the competitiveness of the local economy.
Ninh Binh steps up application of scientific-technological advances in economic development

Melon planting model in Yen Phong commune (Yen Mo district).

In the past years, the science and technology sector has made contributions to the province's socio-economic development. 

Numerous programmes on scientific-technological support for enterprises have been carried out, helping them to improve their production and business activities.

Besides, the province has also step up the applicatio of scientific-technological advances into the fields of agriculture, information-communications, health care for local people.

Local farmers have accessed and been provided with scientific-technological advances from scientists and institutes related to farming, breeding process as well as safe production and consumption of farm products.

Thanks to these efforts, numerous cooperatives and cooperative groups have been established, such as Van Tra Agriculture Cooperative in Yen Thang commune (Yen Mo district); melon planting model in Yen Phong commune (Yen Mo district); shrimp breeding model in coastal in Kim Dong commune (Kim Son district); safe vegetable cultivation zone in Yen Khanh district and model of deer breeding for young antlers in Nho Quan district.

The Department of Science and Technology has regularly organised training courses and technology transfer for local enterprises and farmers.

In 2023, the Department of Science and Technology supported firms to submit 100 applications for industrial intellectual rights, 54 of which were  granted certificates. 

It also supported three organisations and individuals to build brand identity systems and design websites for advertising products; appraised 45 investment projects and granted five certificates of technology transfer.

The application of scientific and technological advances in production has brought about breakthroughs in productivity and quality of products, then increasing economic values and incomes for local people.
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